Thursday, May 12, 2011

Red Velvet

It’s red and has a velvety texture.
The colour is bright, temptatious and yet full of secret.
It tastes like mmm… cake. There is a bit of chocolate, bitterness, acidity from the vinegar, lightness from the buttermilk and also cheesiness from the cream cheese and mascarpone.
I rarely bake something ‘big’ like this, but this time round, I’ve a strong reason to do so. It’s my other half’s belated birthday cake. It’s for you Haslo.

I know it may sound rather pathetic, the person was not even here to blow out the candles, there wasn’t even one candle to blow out, yet I was still worked hard on it, and hoped that he would see the thoughts that were running through my head the whole of April.

April. Ahahah. I know, its May already for God sake Nina! I was busy everyday the whole of April, and I didn’t have time to write, trust me. I’m telling you the truth :p  – although I seriously think it doesn’t sound convincing at all. I hoped that my other half, namely Haslo would be happy about this, and I promised this would be the last time he would see a picture of supposedly-to-be-your-birthdaycake abroad, as I will definitely come back to you this summer. Awwww..yes I am a super duper sweet person *vomit* (come on BF, back me up! heee)

Click here for the recipe *duh* of course the recipe is not originally from me, I have picked the best ever recipe for you guys (solely based on my first successful attempt, haha) and here are a few pictures of my red velvet. This is what you would get from my blog, more pictures of stages involved before the cake is complete, rather than pages of words which I myself won’t be bothered to read :P

I’m deeply sorry for being away for soo long, but just so you know, it will happen more often, as I will keep myself busy for the next few weeks for exams. Teehee, till then! Xo!

love you bunny ^^