Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My very first entry ^^

Hey everyone! Ghee, I have been wanting to write a blog for so long, long enough for me to grow wrinkles I must say! For those who don’t know me YET, my name is Nina and I am a final year student who likes to bake, and now I am sharing my experience with you. Yes, you!

So what made me want to start writing? ... The truth is, I don’t know. ahahhaa > <
What are the things I would be writing? … Probably random stuff like troubleshooting steps, I’ll teach you guys how to play with fondant, and basically what I have learnt so far. 

I started this journey as a baker about 4 years ago, when the only thing I knew how to bake was a basic chocolate muffin recipe, and believe it or not the only tool I had was a muffin tray. No whisk, no spatula, mixing bowl or whatsoever. But I survived!
I can still remember my first batch of cupcakes... they weren’t that great, they were all soggy :P. Ahahaha, but the good thing was, I had lovely housemates/close friends who willingly offered themselves to eat my soggy cupcakes (sadly.. they are all now in Malaysia working).

So yeah, I think it is not about how well you bake for the first time, instead it is about how you take failure as a challenge, and want to do better the next time.
Hee, em em em..I wanted to write more, but let’s save it for the next entry shall we? Plus my eyes are only half open at the moment, it’s not the best time for writing..

I want to end this entry by putting a lot of pictures, weee! You should have seen these pictures if you are a friend my Facebook page. Nothing recently, these are all old pictures (up to February 2011). Have fun guys! *tell your friends about this blog if you like it!*



p/s: kudos to acis and irene! ghee


  1. u should make a checklist so i can tick which ones i've eaten, which is almost all hahaha!

  2. salam..
    nina, akak btol2 wow! ngan blog nina ni..anyway bila balik malaysia? pasni bleh r buka tempahan utk cupcakes or cake..akak nk jadi customer yg pertama =) cupcake nina nampak sgt sedap berbanding ngan cupcake yg ada kt malaysia ni..yummy.....