Sunday, August 7, 2011

Macarons 2.0

I decided to sell my macarons last month, the reason being I had too many macarons in the fridge, and I personally don’t think my housemate and I could finish them. I actually tried a different recipe for macarons, it wasn’t the same as last time, it was much more complicated. I had to use 200 grams of almonds instead of the usual 100 grams. That explained why there were extra macarons in the fridge. I thought no one would be interested in macarons, and putting a ‘for sale’ shout out on FB would only attract a few people. I was WRONG. At the end of the day, I felt guilty for all those people who I rejected and decided to make them my cute not-so-little macarons.
To all my customers out there, I hope you enjoyed my humble macarons. I am not Martha Stewart, nor Bakerella, but I have tried my best to bake the yummiest macarons. My macarons were all made with love, the sweetness of caramel and lightness of full cream. I want you guys to treasure every bite of them, because making macarons 2.0 isn’t easy. Thank you again guys for your support, gheee :) 
If anyone is wondering whether I still sell my macarons or not, the answer is YES. But I would only make them on request if your order is more than $18. How many macaroons will you get with $18? I’m selling 4 for $3. So do your math people. You can still however buy them in small amounts, but only if they are available. 
I had so much positive feedback on my macaroons! :D and that makes me excited and pumped to do it again! Some people were asking me how much I made out of this “business”. First of all, I’d prefer everyone to not call it a “business”. I would sell them at least for a dollar each, before I would consider it a “business”.. and the answer to that question is.. not much, sometimes I didn't gain anything in return ><
Okay enough with my frustration. Here are a few pictures that I managed to take the other day, I hope I can inspire more people out there to start making macaroons! Till then! XO! 


  1. Sedapnyeee ninah!! Pos to jpn pleaseeee

  2. ahahaha, kalo ita kat melbourne logic jgk nina nak pos tuh :) neh japan weyh.

  3. nina...bile blk malaysia?ingt nk tempah.ur cakes are nicely done.esp the boyfie nye birthday coming really soon.huuuu....n ingt name nina sorg je dlm kepala ni.

  4. heeee :) nina blk hujung tahun alaaaaa. em em em. nnt nina da blk boleh tempah ngan nina yeh? gheeee

  5. alaaa...hujung taun ke??huaa....sshnye nk dpt rs workpiece si nina ni.huhu